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The station is powered by a Oregon WMR100 Professional Wireless Weather Station. The data is collected every 25 seconds and the site is updated every 10 minutes. This site and its data is collected using Weather Display Software. The station is comprised of an anemometer, a rain gauge and a thermo-hydro sensor situated in optimal positions for highest accuracy possible.

Below is a picture of the Weather Station that i use:

About This City

Swansea is a city located in South Wales, United Kingdom. The city has a long history and is a wonderfull place to live. Swansea was the main town of the region for much of the mediaeval period. During the 18th century, the beauty of Swansea's surroundings led local dignitaries to attempt to establish it as a tourist resort. It achieved far greater prominence with the onset of the Industrial Revolution.

In the wake of the Norman Conquest, Gower became a marcher lordship which included not only the peninsula itself but also the land to the east as far north as the Aman river and east to the river Tawe. This included the site of Swansea town, which was designated the capital of the area. Although Kilvey Hill is to the east of the Tawe, the manor of Kilvey was associated with Gower too. The new Norman lords encouraged English immigration into the area. This immigration was largely from the West Country (SouthWestern England) for Example Cornwall, Devon, Somerset.

Swansea was an very significant port, even though it was small, it had one of the earliest town charters granted in Wales and a constant influx of migrants from the Welsh countryside. Also the City was not immune from air rades during WWII infact in February 1941 three nights changed the face of Swansea forever as the Luftwaffe (German airforce) bombed the city a main target was the docks.

Swansea is claimed to be the wettest city in Britan by the Meteorological Office, this comes at no surpise as the city is exposed to the strong winds and rain from the Atlantic. As Swansea is a costal region of course it experiences a milder climate than parts of inland Swansea. However Swansea isnt immune from cold weather either and usually gets a snowfall in February, mostly just a covering but there was more in the winter of 2005 with snow depths of arouund 4-5 inches. There hasnt been any significant snowfall in the city for a long time not since the cold winters for example January 1947.

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